Rebecca M. Quintana

Associate Director, Learning Experience Design and Adjunct Lecturer

Select Publications

Visualizing course structure: Using course composition diagrams to reflect on design

R. M. Quintana, Y. Tan

Tech Trends, issue 65, 2021, pp. 562-575

What we learned when we compared discussion posts from one MOOC hosted on two platforms

R. M. Quintana, Y. Tan, J. D. Pinto

Online Learning Journal , vol. 25(4), 2021, pp. 7-24

Characterizing MOOC pedagogies: Exploring tools and methods for learning designers and researchers

R. M. Quintana, Y. Tan

Online Learning Journal, vol. 23(4), 2019, pp. 62-84

Collective inquiry in communities of learners

J. D. Slotta, R. M. Quintana, T. Moher

F. Fischer, C. E. Hmelo-Silver, S. R. Goldman, P. Reimann, International Handbook of the Learning Sciences, Routledge, 2018, pp. 308-317

Teachers as participatory designers: Two case studies with technology-enhanced learning environments

R. Cober, E. Tan, J. D. Slotta, H.-J. So, K.D. Könings

Instructional Science , vol. 43(2), 2015, pp. 203-228