Rebecca M. Quintana

Associate Director, Learning Experience Design and Adjunct Lecturer

Learning Experience Design

EDUC 616

EDUC 616 is a required course for the graduate certificate in Learning Experience Design (LXD). In this course, we will explore foundational topics in design, theories of learning, and education. While we engage in these scholarly topics, students will also serve as Students in Residence at the Center for Academic Innovation. 

In some respects, this course will function similar to other types of discussion-based graduate seminars, as students will be expected to discuss readings and projects with peers and instructors. However, this seminar differs from most other graduate seminars because of its Student Residency program with the Center for Academic Innovation. At Academic Innovation, student residents will work collaboratively with University of Michigan (U-M) faculty and Academic Innovation staff to design, analyze, and implement innovative learning experiences and tools in online and residential environments. 

Students in residence will work alongside design mentors, media specialists, and faculty to create authentic and engaging learning experiences for a global audience of learners. Encompassing the authentic work students will do are the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This applied experience will culminate in the development of a learning design portfolio that includes examples of each student’s contributions to learning design across a range of projects.
 In this seminar, students will:
  • Construct a definition of “Learning Experience Design” and describe its relationship to other types of design.
  • Develop core LXD competencies in the areas of learning, design and evaluation, project development and management, and interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Identify and apply theories of learning and educational philosophies to the design of educational experiences and tools. 
  • Gain hands-on experience in Learning Experience Design at the Center for Academic Innovation.